Vax SpotWash Duo Spot Cleaner

Vax SpotWash Duo Spot Cleaner

The Vax spotting machine is an excellent choice for household use. Its powerful suction, hygienic deep cleaning tools, and specialised cleaning solution can remove stains and spills from any surface. Its special features include a dedicated pet mess tool, muddy trainer marks, and duplicate 2 in 1 tools. The device is also compact and can be stored easily. The Vax SpotWash Duo can also be used in cars.

Vax SpotWash Duo Spot Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner weighs 74kg and is very easy to use. Its power is not lost during cleaning and you do not need to worry about charging it every few hours. The hose is 1.5 metres long and is suitable for various surfaces. The hose is easily flushed after each use. The vacuum comes with a free 250ml Spot Washer Cleaning Solution that can be used to refill the nozzle after cleaning.

The Vax SpotWash Duo is a great carpet and upholstery spot cleaner. Its dual head cleaning tools reach deeply into folds and tufts to clean even the most difficult stains. It is battery operated and weighs just 5.5kg at full capacity. The water tank can be replaced with ease and is easy to remove. The vacuum is designed to be convenient and lightweight.

The Vax SpotWash Duo is a cordless vacuum with a low-profile charger. Its charging port is easily accessible from the front and can last for 15 minutes. A clever self-cleaning system keeps the Vax spot cleaner powerful and sanitary while it charges. This machine also features an auto shut-off function.

The Vax SpotWash Duo Spoting Cleaner is lightweight and compact. It is battery operated and weighs just 4.4 kg. It has a 1.5m hose. The hose can be easily flushed after each use. If you are looking for a high-powered carpet cleaner, the Vax SpotWash Duo is a good choice. The device is a great option for small homes and apartments. The batteries are convenient and easy to replace.

The Vax SpotWash Duo is the ideal spot cleaner for your home. The Vax SpotWash Duo features a battery-powered and cordless design, which makes it easy to store. Its cordless version weighs only 3.4 kg, and is compatible with most standard plugs. 

The Vax SpotWash Duo has a low weight and a compact design. It is battery-operated and weighs only 74kg. The battery runs through 15 minutes before the machine needs to be recharged. It has no crevice tools, but it has a 1.5m hose. Its trigger controls the amount of cleaning solution it sprays.